Why shouldn’t I just go to the pet store and buy a dog?

Many of these puppies come from puppy mills. When you purchase a puppy in this way, you are directly supporting a puppy mill and contributing to the pain and suffering of the parent dogs. Pet store employees will tell you that they only deal with “USDA licensed” kennels and the puppies have AKC papers. Unfortunately, these are the two organizations that give people the serious misconception that these puppies come from reputable kennels. The only thing that AKC papers mean is that the puppy and its ancestors are purebred. AKC papers mean absolutely nothing about the health and temperament of the puppy and nothing about the quality of the breeding establishment the puppy came from.

You can play a part in ending puppy mills by refusing to buy anything, including both dogs and pet supplies, from a pet store that sell puppies, as well as supporting enactment of strong state humane laws. While the federal Animal Welfare Act sets minimum standards of care, these standards are grossly inadequate — enforcement is underfunded and too often lacks teeth. As a result, state and local laws often offer better protection for these animals.

What makes you different from other breeders? 

We believe that many breeders are doing a fine job.  We understand everyone has a different approach to breeding and we respect those differences.  We are focusing our breeding program on therapy dogs and like temperaments.  We are not your typical breeder that will hand over a puppy to anyone who is willing to take care of one.  We very, very carefully screen the homes we are willing to work with.  We have a community that is a "family" in every sense of the word that consistently communicates.  We have a structured support group on FaceBook that follows you and your puppy throughout it's lifetime.  We believe your first step is to pick someone you are comfortable working with, then you can work on finding the right dog for your family.  If you are looking for someone to hand you a puppy and tell you to contact them if there's a problem, then we are not the breeder for you.  We have many references and have tremendous support from our families.  We welcome the opportunity to tell you about us.  Step 1 is to fill out an application for consideration.